In 1991, authentic Napolitan Italian food arrived in Cleveland, Ohio. At the forefront of its emergence was owner and chef Agostino Iacullo, along with the tireless work of his wife, Jill. 

Agostino came to America in 1979 with only $300 in his pocket and a dream to one day serve the city of Cleveland his authentic Italian creations. He met Jill, a nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, while she was vacationing on an Italian cruise line. After a year's courtship, they wed in 1980. Upon arriving in Cleveland, Agostino worked at several restaurants while Jill worked long hours at the Clinic to provide for their three children, with hopes of saving enough to one day open a restaurant of their own. In 1991, they founded Stino Da Napoli, which many today simply call “Stino’s.”

When it opened, Stino’s was only a small carry-out business, operating in one storefront, serving up authentic Napolitan cuisine. In the past 25 years, the restaurant has grown to three storefronts, seating more than 100 guests. Beginning as just a small family business, Stino’s has gained a reputation in the Cleveland area as one of the very best Italian restaurants, receiving countless accolades, such as Silver Spoon awards, Best of the West, and Best Italian. Cleveland icons have been known to dine at Stino’s—athletes Anderson Varejao and Danny Ferry, actress Joanna Kerns, and professional basketball coaches Gregg Popovich and Mike Fratello, to name just a few who have frequented its quaint dining rooms—and sometimes, as in the case of Fratello and basketball coach Rollie Massimino, frequented his kitchen, too.

The secret to Stino’s success is his sauce. His son, Christian, graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in business and has begun to help carry on the family enterprises by producing, marketing, and selling Stino’s four authentic pasta sauces to grocery stores, such as Heinen’s and Giant Eagle. Filetto di Pomodoro, Carrettiera, Arrabbiata, and Fumo del Vesuvio can be found in over 25 stores in Northeast Ohio and Chicago, and the retail growth continues. Stino’s sauce is truly unique among pasta sauces because he and Christian make it possible for customers to enjoy at home the same quality and taste they have been savoring at Stino’s for over 25 years. No one can match Stino’s flavor, freshness, and quality because he and his son tirelessly work for excellence in each batch. Every single jar is produced and hand-packed by Stino and Christian from micro batches so that the quality and taste are maintained. All of Stino’s pasta sauces are non-GMO verified, “Where Food Comes From” source verified, and made with all-natural, fresh ingredients. Each sauce is free from any harmful allergens and gluten free, contains no artificial preservatives or dyes, and is made with the highest-quality tomatoes from Stanislaus. This makes Stino’s sauce one of the only family pasta-sauce recipes with these distinctions. The only exception is the Fumo del Vesuvio, which contains cream, butter and bacon.

Fumo del Vesuvio is a patented recipe, so no sauce in the world is quite like it. Smoked bacon gives this sauce a savory taste, while onions and a touch of cream make it a wonderful pairing of flavors that is truly unique. Pomodoro is the traditional Napolitan sauce, with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic. Arrabbiata is made the right way at Stino’s, starting off with the same base as the Pomodoro, but adding white wine, spices, and red pepper flakes to give it a nice, even heat throughout. Carrettiera is perfect on a hot summer’s day. Fresh chunks of tomato, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and lots of fresh basil make it the most refreshing sauce on the market

These sauces must be tasted. They are the best-tasting pasta sauces on the market because of the quality ingredients that Stino uses. If you have been searching for authentic, delicious, and healthy Italian pasta sauce for your family meals, look no further than the offerings from Stino Da Napoli.